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11 things that are SO exciting when you’re on a gluten free diet

Most people would say that being on a gluten free diet can be quite boring and fairly annoying. You have to constantly check the back of the packet and when you’re just finding out what you can and can’t eat, it can be a bit depressing having to put things back on the shelf.

However, there are so many different things that, like me, you will have probably been excited about that most normal people wouldn’t.

Guarantee you can relate to some of these ??

When you see those two beautiful words. Free. From. ?❤️

Hello sexy.

Trying a gluten free product you haven’t tried before

I’ll try one of those and one of those, oh and one of those… *has too much food now*

When some things on the gluten free shelf HAVE BEEN REDUCED

No way… 95p for a packet of brownies, in the basket you go.

Talking to somebody who is ALSO gluten free

We can share bread and share packets of biscuits and oh, do you want some of my cereal?!

Seeing a new gluten free product on the shelf

What is THAT? This is new… I will buy this and eat this.

Finding a READY-MADE sandwich

Oh. My. God. Is that a ready made ready filled sandwich ready to go!?

When someone buys you gluten free treats

“I bought you some gluten free biscuits for whenever you’re over here”

When you go to Brewdog for lunch and realise ALL THE BURGERS AND HOT DOGS COME GLUTEN FREE

The sheer panic when you look at the menu and of course, everything contains gluten… OH NO! Wait!

If someone says free from on Great British bake off

Remember that time Paul made gluten free pita bread?

(if not btw, you can find it here.)

Going into lots of different shops and finding out who has the best selection of gluten free goodies

Finding a gluten free option that isn’t a brownie

So. bored. of. the. same. thing.

Did I miss anything?

Lots of GF love from me x

Lauren Mitchell

Radio Presenter. One half of Jeff and Lauren in the Morning on Northsound 1. MSc Digital Marketing student. Multimedia Content Producer. Event Host.

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