Gluten Free Me

BEHOLD…? The Lidl gluten free brownie ?

I am SO excited to tell you about this one.

It is quite possibly the easiest and quickest job for a gluten free chocolate fix.

More importantly ? It is ONE POUND TWENTY NINE PENCE. That is £1.29… it costs the same as 3 freddos and gives you MUCH more satisfaction ??

This one is one of my favourites so far, I’ll show you in pictures ?

The box.. from Lidl for £1.29
The pre-mix straight out of the packet
Added egg to the pre-mix
Added 55ml of vegetable oil
Ready to be spooned and baked
Used the only tin I could find – put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees


Super chocolatey, super tasty, crispy on the outside, squidgy in the middle

Highly recommended my fellow gluten free-er. Let me know what you think of it.

Love Lauren ❤️

Lauren Mitchell

Radio Presenter. One half of Jeff and Lauren in the Morning on Northsound 1. MSc Digital Marketing student. Multimedia Content Producer. Event Host.

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