Gluten Free Me

New to gluten? Everything you need to know

Thinking of cutting out the gluten? Consider this your on-the-go guide to being gluten free.

1. The first few weeks will be a tough couple of weeks, I’m not gonna lie.

BUT ONLY until you realise, it isn’t that bad.

The bad news first;

2. You will need to understand and accept that gluten hides in pretty. much. everything.

The good news is – there are options.

3. After you realise, gluten does take over most things on the shelves, you learn to look harder, deeper… and you find much tastier food because of it.

You can HAVE a burger with a bun on it.

You can still have a burger with a bun on.

You can have gluten free treats.

You can have anything you want, if you really want.

You’ll notice the Free From isle in the shops getting bigger and bigger.

If you are like me, you also probably never cooked before going gluten free. Or perhaps, you always did cook (in which case, you’re a whole step ahead!)

4. Cooking is key. You will need to allow yourself time to find recipes and try out new things.

Ditching the gluten means you pick better options, you can’t just get a takeaway anymore, you can’t just grab a pizza and chips, or on a night out grab a kebab.

All of these will contribute to your overall health and if you don’t drop a wee bit of weight after binning gluten, I’ll be super surprised!

You might be tolerant to gluten and just fancy going gluten free for a while, I would absolutely recommend. You will 100% feel less bloated and healthier as a result of cutting out gluten. Trust me ?

Good luck in your new adventure and if you need anything, give me a shout.

Love Lauren ❤️

Lauren Mitchell

Radio Presenter. One half of Jeff and Lauren in the Morning on Northsound 1. MSc Digital Marketing student. Multimedia Content Producer. Event Host.

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