Gluten Free Me

Homemade gluten free pizza in 12 minutes ?

Quickest, healthiest and tastiest pizza I genuinely think I’ve ever tasted.

I don’t want to take away from Dominos or Pizza Hut or any other pizza places but I tell ya what. I was impressed with my very first attempt at the gluten free (also vegan) homemade pizza.

I bought the pizza base from Morrisons for £3.

For topping, I usually choose chicken and mushroom but who knew, on a Sunday evening, Morrisons would be low on chicken, so I decided to go full on vegan for the night (I even bought vegan cheese!).

Tomatoes, mushooms, onions, garlic, rocket and cheese was purchased (and wine but thats a given). ?

Just to warn you, the whole packaging is in German BUT there is a small picture bit for those of us who can’t read German.

So here goes. Scroll down for progress…

Time to stick the little pizza in the oven for 12 minutes at 210 degrees.

12 minutes later…..

Doesn’t it look good? Perfect with a little salad on the side. ?

My thoughts; I cannot believe how easy it is for a start. The whole thing tasted so healthy and it felt nice to enjoy something that is such a pleasure but also know you don’t have to walk too far to burn off the calories. ?

It wasn’t greasy and was full of flavour (I give appreciation to the onions and garlic for that).

If you have a spare 20 minutes, I would recommend giving it a shot. It also filled me up and was a nice alternative to the normal gluten free meals at dinner time.

Lovely to be able to enjoy pizza again. ?

Let me know if you try it. ?

Love Lauren ❤️

Lauren Mitchell

Radio Presenter. One half of Jeff and Lauren in the Morning on Northsound 1. MSc Digital Marketing student. Multimedia Content Producer. Event Host.

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