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Gluten Free arrives in Stonehaven at The Bay Fish & Chips

Have you heard of The Bay Fish and Chips in Stonehaven?

Of course you have… one of the best chippers across the North-east of Scotland (some would say the world…?)

With 2020, The Bay brought us some news. Calum Richardson, owner and chef at The Bay told us about a brand new revamp which holds purpose built sinks, a zero emissions fryer with 97% gas efficiency, all costing £250,000.

BUT! Not only that. Something much more exciting. This is something that You and I can both try!

Something that we have to navigate around whenever visiting the fish and chip shop.

Something that isn’t commonly seen…

Have you guessed it yet?


Calum told us that he has inserted a brand new gluten free only fryer and has made the section completely coeliac proof where all food is freshly made away from all other preparation/cooking.

Calum invited me in to cook my own gluten-free lunch… An offer I could not refuse. Are you ready for the fish and chip journey?

The obligatory apron went on.

Below you can see the brand new fryer with fresh oil which is changed on a daily basis. You can see that there is a partition which means nothing can contaminate the gluten-free section.

Batter is then made fresh with rice flour. It has to be a certain consistency to make it that delicious tasty light crunchy batter that we all dream of… mmmm…

All food is cooked to order so it is completely fresh (not just the gluten-free range)

According to the expert chef, Calum, it takes 8 minutes for those tasty chips and 7 minutes for the perfectly cooked fish.

Random fact: The chefs cook by ear… when the fish is almost ready… it is much quieter in the fryer. That is when they know.

Looks fairly similar to the normal fish and chips, wouldn’t you say?

Time for the taste test…

Its a 10/10 from me. From what I remember of ‘normal gluten filled’ fish and chips, there isn’t much difference AT ALL! Even if you aren’t gluten-free, why not give it a go.

The best thing about my visit to The Bay was that I found out there is also gluten-free gravy AND curry sauce. If you are gluten intolerant/coeliac… you will understand that they are pretty hard to come by.

Well… Not in Stonehaven! Not only a delicious meal but condiments too!

Boom! There you have it. The journey for gluten-free fish and chips in Stonehaven. Fancy giving it a wee taste?

You can find The Bay Fish and Chips right here.

Lauren Mitchell

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