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13 things you miss eating if you are gluten free


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Awwwwww when all your friends are ordering a dominos and you have to opt for a BARE mozzarella (boring AF) no topping GF pizza… PLUS, its so small compared to their massive ones which means – no leftover cold pizza for breakfast. Lose/Lose if you ask me.


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How inconvenient is going out and about and having that HANGER but not being able to stop into a wee KFC drive thru? Nightmare… sometimes you just want that KFC box (you know the one… with the gravy. Haaaa!)


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Right can we just take a minute on this one. This should have been up at the top of the list because as we all know, gluten free bread isn’t quite as good as normal delicious gluten-filled bread and I don’t know if it ever will be. There is nothing better than a steamin’ hot bitta bread with some butter spread on it… mmmmm!


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Same point as KFC. Having hanger but having no easy options. Oh BTW though, if you’re going abroad anywhere – McD’s do GF options in most countries, its just in the UK that we are forced to eat either a) hash browns or b) carrot sticks. No thank u!


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What your argument might be is… but Lauren, you can get GF flapjacks. I hear you sis but it is NOT the same and you can’t convince me that it is!


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So the cereal thing… we have a choice of about 5 GF options BUT have you ever noticed that if you eat more than one spoonful, it either tastes of cardboard or tastes of PURE sugar? No in-between and I’m yet to find a healthy low sugar alternative…


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This one I wasn’t as bothered about losing but I know some of my fellow GF’ers will agree that lasagne is a big loss.


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I mean all I need to say here is 2 words. Sausage Roll. Oh and maybe the chicken/steak bake… again, the convenience and tastiness is forever missed. However, they have now got vegan sausage rolls, perhaps we can have GF options now @ Greggs??


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Sometimes if you’re round at your grandparents house – they offer you a pie because thats all they have in the freezer. Then you have to remind them, “Grandad, remember I can’t eat pies!” So you’re then stuck with another GF chocolate digestive biscuit for lunch while everyone else tucks into a pie.


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This one lands in the same category as lasagne for me, it doesn’t initially excite me but WOW people go mad for maccy cheese. It does look tasty mind you.


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You know what is quite irritating? Walking past all the Krispy Kreme and not being able to nab one. Don’t they look delicious?


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Crepes! My goodness, its been a long time without a crepe… At a Christmas Market, those nutella crepes just look absolutely delicious. Toffee apple for us, nutella crepe for them. Sad face.


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The other day, I was in a hotel and for breakfast… well, I had an option between croissants, bread (not GF) or an apple. Guess what I had for breakfast that morning? Yeah… a boring old apple! We miss you croissants.

Its ok though guys. They’re working on things… Can you add to the list? Am I missing something obvious? Get in touch!

Love Lauren ❤️

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