Yoohoo! Welcome to me, thanks for coming!

A bit like a Netflix catch up, I’ll explain who I am in a few quick sentences.

For the last 6 years, I have been working in my dream job as a breakfast show Presenter on Northsound 1.

As well as being one half of Jeff and Lauren in the morning, you might have noticed, I’m a bit of a digital marketing geek. After completing my Media degree at Robert Gordon University, I got myself a wee MSc in Digital Marketing. I decided to launch my own business and have now been the crazy content lady for the last 3 years helping a number of different businesses grow their audiences. Get in touch if you need some digital marketing help! I would be delighted to chat.

One last thing, I’m gluten free. I figured this out for the FIRST time in 25 years in September 2018. My friend said to me,

“Lauren, you seem to have pains in your stomach ALL of the time! Especially after dinner, have you tried cutting out gluten?”


No more unexplained pains and overall, a much healthier and happier, less sluggish me.

So right here on this website is an overview of me. My business, my blog, my podcast and then that wee button that means you can come have a chat with me…

Whether that is on this website, Twitter or Instagram.

Speak soon!

Lauren x